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francisco fans everywhere. >>> good evening. the celebrations are going strong in the city by the bay. here is a live look from chopper 5 above the ballpark at 3rd and king. thousands of people are in the streets basking in the warmth. and the fans started a small pwopb fire bon fire. the fans did not care there was no game but they still showed up to celebrate. all along the embarcadero. thousands of fans are in the mission district. chopper 5 caught these images of a fire in the street and we heard reports of a muni bus driver stuck in the middle of thousands of fans. the bus driver was able to make it out safely. >>> and the fans are celebrating well into the night. and they don't seem like they are concerned about having to go to work tomorrow at all. we go to at&t park with some of the happy fans. >> reporter: happy indeed. you wonder, the giants not winning at home did not bother the fans out here. they have been at this since that last out. [ cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> reporter: there are hundreds if not thousands of fans in this intersecti
brawl left a man dead. police say dozens of people were fighting about 1:00 a.m. this is the city's first murder since 8 people died in august. >>> probably felt it, summer refusing to give way to fall. one city saw triple digits. some of the hottest east bay spots opened cooling centers. >> today was 22 degrees warmer than yesterday in san francisco, 84 degrees. 80 in pacifica. otherwise 80s and 90s across the peninsula. topping off at 100 degrees in livermore, which shattered a record established in 1952. i know what you need to know, tomorrow's temperatures. it will be hotter. 80 in pacifica. 100 morgan hill. east of the bay, that is where we will see the numbers. 103 for the hottest locations. napa 90s. and an alert you need to know about, we will talk about that later in the newscast. >> thank you. >>> two polls show californians split on crime and punishment. prop 34 is in favor of life without parole. the poll shows 38% in favor. 51% opposed. however that gap narrowed when they are told convicted killers would have to work in prison and pay restitution. >> reporter: right n
in the second- largest city in the country is an endeavor in itself. they walk alongside the giant rig, guiding it with a wireless joystick. the driver says the crowd has been routeing for him. >> there's some real enthusiasm, when we worked our way through a real tight spot. >> reporter: on some neighborhood streets, the shuttle's 78-foot wing span didn't have room to spare. >> we put taller power polls in and we raised the wire to a higher clearance, that way we can get the power on for the consumers in this area. >> reporter: the streets also had to be reinforced with 2700 metal plates. this whole thing ways 375,000 pounds. >> this is the only time it's going to happen. it's the last shuttle, never going to do this again. none of them are ever going to do it again. >> reporter: endeavour was built in california and arrived back home in style three weeks ago on the back of a 747. the shuttle will dock here tonight at the california science center, the end of its final mission. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >>> tonight the pentagon says it's investigating a collision between a navy submari
-mile cruise through the city of los angeles and it's time to put the thing in the garage for good. >> reporter: it ends with the final few tire rotations spawl space shuttle endeavour is home in its hangar at the california science center. >> quite frankly i know some people at nasa headquarters were betting against us doing it because something like this hasn't been thought it. it's a crazy thing, but we pulled it off. >> reporter: a major accomplishment for the science center's dr. phillips who admits getting endeavour here was quite a chore. the shuttle's final 12-mile trek from l.a.x. to the science center was on solid ground through city streets. >> the vehicle got here without a scratch and i promised commander mark kelly he said at the transfer cerium please don't scratch it and we didn't. >> after 25 missions to suter space and 4671 orbits around planet earth, endeavour has completed its final voyage, mission no. 26. >> the journaly half day didn't dampen spirits. the science center will cover additional cost. >> this is the science center and there is not public mone
million people to the city by the bay. the play-off game will be here. the a's first play-off game in six years. >> in the case of both teams, the issue was pitching. not the bay area teams, but the opposing pitchers. and boy, the giants, all that buildup, seemably all the planets aligned. play-off opener. first of all, look at this, flashing a little leather here. but first, the long ball. away and gone. matt cain, roughed up. but brandon phillips, buster posey. the giants made it a 3-1 game. they were down 5-2. two on. and posey, well, you might say they stole this one. a final of 5-3. game 2 coming up tomorrow. >>> as for the a's, they were in detroit. coco crisp, first leadoff. a's led 1-0, had the big momentum until justin verlander said, ah, just sit down. how about eleven strikeouts? a's batters struck out 14 times, although with a 3-1, they could have tied it off right here. brandon moss... it's cut in the deepest part of the park. a's lose that game. final of 3-1. game 2 will be at 9 a.m. >>> come on back a little bit later on and we'll have expanded highlights, and from the l
up right now in front of city hall. dennis, this is an amazing story. >> well, i think somebody call barack obama because detroit needs another bailout. no team in the history of the world series has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. the giants have some pretty good odds on their side. new park, same result for the giants who really look like a juggernaut right now. grego blanco puts one at the wall. that is a three-bagger. a 1-0 lead. tigers starter anibal sanchez, but brandon crawford drives it home for a 2-0 lead. same score. fifth inning now. and miguel cabrera, a chance to tie the game, but ryan vogelsong gets him to cough it off. ending the threat. vogelsong takes it to a scoreless inning. the giants become the first team since the 1966 orioles to pick back-to-back shutouts in the world series. we're joined now live from detroit. vern? >> reporter: dennis, the fans are getting ready to give their concession speeches here in downtown detroit. comerica park all but quiet after that final out, as the giants -- i don't think people really understand what's going on. i mean, two wo
lee on why educators are split on the mission. >> reporter: it is crazy hair day here in redwood city. this classroom a glimpse of the future of public education. it is not green hair that will make the difference. kids here share ipads to learn math and other subjects. once considered a luxury will become a nessesty to -- necessity. >> we are not a rich school but we were able to get access for some students. >> reporter: schools with a high are ratio will be able to offer students more opportunity to take achievement tests. the bottom line, wealthier schools will get to pick their highest scores or those that are challenged will only get one chance to take the test. >> it is giving us the tools and techniques that our children will be able to compete globally. >> reporter: gone are the days where kids bubble in answers. teachers will encourage them to back up their responses with arguments as to how they came to a conclusion. students will not only have to learn theory but be asked to apply their knowledge to real world examples. some worry a one size fits all approach with guidelin
controlled by mayor chuck reed. the city's police officers association had complained about the donation to the california fire political practices commission. >> we've reissued the letter that we sent to rose over a week ago, calling for her to disavow this illegal transfer of money from the mayor's committee to a committee that is supporting her reelection. even today, they're out together, coordinating their campaigns, walking door to door. they continue to flop a law and it needs to stop. >> mayor reed says he did nothing wrong, because the law only forbids transfer of funds from one candidate to another and he was not a candidate. >>> both presidential candidates are cramming for monday's third and final presidential debate, so their running mates were the ones making stops in battleground states today. paul ryan traveled to pennsylvania and ohio. while biden spoke to a crowd in florida. it's no surprise both men were in attack mode. >> i don't blame that baby for crying. that baby knows what's in store for him or her, if romney wins. >> he's trying to distract people. he's trying t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8